Hexa Hi SPerm Powder 250 gram


Dosage: Adult: 1-2 tsp. twice a day with milk or as directed by the physician.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry & dark place. Protect from light & moisture.

Keep the medicine out of reach of children.

Azoospermia, Oligospermia, Premature

Ejaculation, Low Sperm Motility

निर्देश:- शुक्राणुहीनता, वीर्यतारल्यता, शुक्राणुओं की गतिहीनता इन्द्रीशैथिल्य, शीघ्रपतन, में लाभदायक है।




Each 5gm of powder contains:

Ashwagandha 1000 mg

Kapikacchu 1000 mg

Shatavari 1000 mg

Makhana 500 mg

Kali Musli 500 mg

Safed Musli 500 mg

Shalmali 250 mg

Gokshur 50 mg

Kesar 50 mg


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