Ayush Kwath Powder



1. Acts as an immunity booster that fights against viral & bacterial infections.
2. Acts as an expectorant & bronchodilator thereby alleviating cough & dyspnoea.
3. Reduces fever and rhinitis.

 Preparation & Dosage 

a) Take 1tsp of Bharat Ayush Kwath powder and boil it with 2 small cups of water on low flame.
b) Stop boiling it once the water vaporizes to half its original quantity. Stop the boiling.
c) Filter the decoction & add Lemon juice/raisins/Jaggery for taste if needed.
d) To be consumed once or twice daily.

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As advised by the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India 100 GM of Ayush Kwath Powder contains coarse powder of –
a. तुलसी /Ocimum sanctum/Holy Basil – 44.4 GM
b. काली मिर्च /Piper nigrum/Black Pepper – 11.2 GM
c. सोंठ/Zingiber officinale/Dried Ginger – 22.2 GM
d. दालचीनी/Cinnamomum zeylanicum/Cinnamon – 22.2 GM


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